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Wide Shoulder Leather Harness

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Hardware Color: Silver
Stitching Color: Black
Leather Color: Black

Wide Shoulder Harness

The Wide Shoulder harness adds extra leather and hardware to shoulders.  It's a weighty, masculine piece that feels incredible and really enhances that "strongman" vibe.

The dramatic 3" beveled D-rings are connected by 3"wide leather straps across the top of the shoulders, giving this harness a pleasurable heft and a playful "gladiator" inspired look.  

100% Genuine Full Grain Leather.

All of our harnesses are made from the first quality, back portion of the hide, ensuring the best grain and consistent wear throughout the entire piece.  

Every harness is constructed from a double layer of chap weight leather, making all of our gear feel amazing against the skin.  

Double stitching minimizes stretching, but still allows the straps to perfectly mold to your body with wear.  Given proper care, this harness will last you a lifetime.  

Fashion or Play in Comfort

The best thing about this leather is the way it feels against the skin.  Many customers tell us their Amici harnesses are their favorite thing to wear for play.  Molded to your body, it's a piece of gear that holds you just right during the most important moments. 

This harness also makes a daring fashion accessory.  Over clothes the grip of leather remains extremely pleasurable.  Proper attire at leather events and bars, but welcome in many scenarios. 

Made to Order, A Perfect Fit for Your Body

Please provide a couple of basic measurements when you place your order, and we will custom make the piece just for you.  

No additional charge for larger sizes.

Large durable metal snaps allow for adjustment.

Extremely Customizable Gear

Black leather is traditional, especially with silver hardware.  That is the default option in our ordering process.

But we also offer this harness in eight beautiful leather colors.  The leather we use is all high quality, and the dyed leathers are as sensual as the black leather.  

Another option, if you want to stick with black leather, is to change the stitching thread color.  That lets you coordinate and flag, but take advantage of the fact that black looks good on everyone.

The hardware in this piece is only available in silver.

You can use the Visualizer to browse looks.



Strap width is 1.5"

Ring Size is 3"

Shoulder rings are 3"

Free Shipping

Free Shipping to the continental United States

International shipping available at reasonable rates. 

A Product of the United States

Made with the highest care from our workshop in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The hardware in this piece is only available in silver.

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