"D-Ring" Black Leather Belt
  • "D-Ring" Black Leather Belt

"D-Ring" Black Leather Belt

115,00 $

This is unique D-Ring utility is conveniently designed for keeping all of your daily needs within arms reach.

The D ring allows you to hang not only our bags, but keys, water bottles and more.

Designed by a belly dancer for grace and comfort. 


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Hardware Color: Silver
Stitching Color: Schwarz
Leather Color: Schwarz

On the Go Excitement

Shoulder straps can get in the way.  If you need freedom of movement while you carry your things, this belt is the answer. 

Clearly, this belt gives you a convenient place to hang things from your hips.  What may not be apparent is how it moves with you.   Bags sway with your hips in a graceful,  natural way that puts energy in your every action.

Maybe it's the full grain leather as it molds to your body, or maybe it's because we make it to order for your exact measurements but after a while,  the belt and it's children become like part of your body. 

Designed by a belly dancer for grace and comfort. 

Handcrafted Construction

Belts are equipped with two 2 1/2” rings connecting the 3” flat panels featuring six metal D-ring loops. 

Each 1” "D" shaped metal ring is riveted in place by a leather strip sewn with chosen leather and matching thread colors.

A "2" metal buckle adorns one side of this design which slides effortlessly into the metal grommets of the connecting panels.

Smaller grommets are pressed into the opposite side woven with our unique leather lacing style, allowing for and additional option for adjusting the size of the belt to accommodate every ensemble it is paired with.


Technische Daten

Leather Color
Hardware Color
100% Genuine Quality Leather
Stitch Color
Strap Width
Ring Size