Men's Red and Black Leather H-Harness with Black Hardware
  • Men's Red and Black Leather H-Harness with Black Hardware
  • Men's Red and Black Leather H-Harness with Black Hardware
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Amici Designs

Red and Black Leather H-Harness with Black Hardware

145,00 $
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This two-tone harness frames a red leather strap with a black leather strap for a fusion of colorful with traditional.

High quality leather and black metal hardware ensure a comfortable fit and long lasting durability.

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Red Leather/Black Leather Harness

Red leather enhances the modern feel of this lighter alternative to the bulldog.  The Black Leather underneath cradles your skin.  The H Harness works well on a wide variety of bodies.  It holds your upper chest and shoulders tightly as it frames you for dancing and other fun activities.

Amazing Leather

Over the clothes or against the skin, the grip of leather is extremely pleasurable.  Many customers tell us their Amici harnesses are their favorite thing to wear for play.

The best thing about this leather is the way it feels when worn against the skin.  We use hides of full grain leather to make a piece of gear that holds you just right during the most important moments. 

Double stitched and rivet-assembled for durability.  This harness will last many years with proper care.

Made To Order

Every order is made to your specifications, and we tailor your harness to exactly your size.

Measurements are required.  This allows for further customization as you can decide the right leather grip.    Snug, tight,  or relaxed.

This piece is adjustable with metal snaps to account for changes in your body over time.

We offer more color leather options and harness styles.  Browse the Visualizer for ideas.

Free Shipping

Free Shipping to the continental United States

International shipping available at reasonable rates.  


Strap width is 1.5"

Ring Size is 2.5"

Handcrafted Quality

Made for you from our workshop in Las Vegas, Nevada.  A product of the United States.  We listen carefully to make our product the best it can be, and we want you to love wearing this harness.

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