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We offer harness styles at a wide selection of price points, with many options to choose from.  

We use quality full grain leather and handcrafted construction on each of our harnesses. 

Although many of our styles were created originally for gay men, leather culture has grown to encompass many other forms of expression.   Including,  pansexuals, bondage, master/slave, trans, kink, puppies, ponies, super heroes, and more.

That's why we offer so many colors and choices.  That's also why we make each harness to your specifications.  You get a harness that not only perfectly fits your body, it fits your lifestyle. 

A product of the USA, Amici leather products are designed and manufactured at our workshop in Las Vegas, NV.


  • Men's Leather Bulldog...

    A Bulldog style harness goes across the upper chest, drawing the eye to the shoulders.  Many body types look great in this style, so it's a matter of taste.  

    We offer a few variations on the basic Bulldog.  The "Aussie" Bulldog has an additional ring for a strap that goes "down under".  

    The H Harnesses are a variation that draws the same line, but uses snaps instead of buckles.   The snaps are quite durable, and really look nicer on thin bodies where the buckles can overwhelm.  

    White Leather harnesses are popular with costumers and white parties.  The perfect partner to traditional Black Leather.  

    We also offer two-tone harnesses, which frame a flagging color with a black outline, all in leather.  

    Our harnesses are made from top quality full grain leather.  Handcrafted in our workshop in Las Vegas, NV for a comfortable and long lasting piece of gear.

  • Men's Leather Chest...

    The basic chest or cross harness.  This style of harness centers the piece on your chest.  The straps wrap around your body, over shoulders and around the torso.  The fit should be snug, but not uncomfortable.  This gear enhances many body types.  It's also one of the most comfortable harnesses, so you really cannot go wrong.  We have several variations available.  

    The Buckled Harness adds some weight and heft to the piece, making the wearer look and feel much stronger.

    The Snapped harness gives a very clean line, that frames the body without distraction.  

    Two tone harnesses frame leather in a specific flagging color in black leather, for a double effect that is very outgoing.

    Most of these harnesses will accept an additional torso strap to make them a 5 point harness.

  • Big and Tall Men's...

    These harnesses have specific design flourishes tailored to broad or tall men.  

    We offer all of our harnesses in any size, of course, but these variations were created from working with bears and other larger leather men.

    The Wide Shoulder harness adds extra leather and hardware to shoulders.  It's a weighty piece that feels incredible and really enhances that "strongman" vibe.

    Some of the harnesses here are made in a 2 inch variant that just suits bigger men better.  Our regular straps are 1.5", and this is a small change that pays dividends for the right body types.

    The double ring variant is for taller people, or those who find the regular chest harness binds or compresses in an unflattering fashion.  Adding the extra leather strap also creates a nifty handle for various explorations.

    Our harnesses are made from top quality full grain leather.  Handcrafted in our workshop in Las Vegas, NV for a comfortable and long lasting piece of gear.

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