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Men's Leather Chest Harnesses

The basic chest or cross harness.  This style of harness centers the piece on your chest.  The straps wrap around your body, over shoulders and around the torso.  The fit should be snug, but not uncomfortable.  This gear enhances many body types.  It's also one of the most comfortable harnesses, so you really cannot go wrong.  We have several variations available.  

The Buckled Harness adds some weight and heft to the piece, making the wearer look and feel much stronger.

The Snapped harness gives a very clean line, that frames the body without distraction.  

Two tone harnesses frame leather in a specific flagging color in black leather, for a double effect that is very outgoing.

Most of these harnesses will accept an additional torso strap to make them a 5 point harness.

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