Men's Leather Fanny Packs and Bags

Constructed from full grain leather,  designed in Las Vegas, NV.  These bags attach to belt loops, or can be worn with a matching strap.   

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Leather Pride bag

Price $120.00

This bag, made of full grain leather, is emblazoned with the Leather Pride flag.

Leather Pride is very inclusive. It incorporates not only gay leathermen and BDSM play, but also bootblacks, puppy play, leather girls, and slave play.  

Leather joins people together across many divisions.  That is why we make this bag.

"Hip" Leather Hip Bag

Price $95.00

A handcrafted pack bag made from full grain leather hides.  This bag clips onto your belt loops, or can be used with the matching over the shoulder strap (optional).  Add the matching shoulder strap for added versatility.  Made to order with many leather colors available.

Brown Leather "Singleton" Bag

Price $35.00

This is the smallest of our bags.  It's perfect for a few frequently-accessed items.  Double snaps on leather straps keep the bag connected to your belt or harness for hands-free, on the go excitement.

Done in a brown and gold leather style that compliments many costumes.

"D-Ring" Black Leather Belt

Price $115.00

This is unique D-Ring utility is conveniently designed for keeping all of your daily needs within arms reach.

The D ring allows you to hang not only our bags, but keys, water bottles and more.

Designed by a belly dancer for grace and comfort.