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Bulldog Leather Harness

Price $185.00

A Bulldog style harness goes across the upper chest, drawing the eye to the shoulders.  Many body types look great in this style, so it's a matter of taste.  

This harness is available in many beautiful leather colors.  We use high quality, sensual leather.  This is a handcrafted product with a eye-catching look and an amazing feel.  

Not only are Amici Leather harnesses suitable for use in kink scenes, bdsm parties, and other bedroom play, but leather harnesses are also a fashion statement.  People wear them for cosplay, reenactment festivals, gay bars, or just to complete a personal glamor.     

Buckled Leather Harness

Price $180.00

This is one of our best pieces.  An awesome leather harness for men, and beyond.  We use high quality full grain leather and handcrafting for a truly exceptional piece.  

Made to order for a perfect fit, this look is great on all body types and all genders.

"D-Ring" Black Leather Belt

Price $115.00

This is unique D-Ring utility is conveniently designed for keeping all of your daily needs within arms reach.

The D ring allows you to hang not only our bags, but keys, water bottles and more.

Designed by a belly dancer for grace and comfort.